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The "Triman" is a device resulting from the commitment made in the Grenelle 2 law, to set up, for any recyclable product subject to an extended producer responsibility (REP) system, a common signage informing the consumer that this product is part of a sorting order. 

  • In the foreground, a human silhouette symbolizes the citizen's gesture. The silhouette is turned to the right, to the future. This visual element recalls the central place of the consumer citizen. 
  • In the background, three arrows symbolize sorting to allow better waste treatment.

  • In the background, a circular arrow around the silhouette symbolizes recycling.

To find out more about the local sorting order




The info-sorting green dot


The Green Dot Info-Sort is a signage allowing to know the set of sorting to be applied on all the elements constituting the packaging of a product.  

Concerning ALVEOLE Labs packaging, the national instructions are as follows:

  • all cardboard cases and instructions: to recycle

  • all plastic bottles: to be recycled leaving the cap on the bottle

  • all other plastic packaging: disposable.

The sorting guide

To learn more about sorting instructions, visit