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Bigarade Essential Oil

The bitter orange or bitter orange tree is a small tree of 3 to 10 meters, thorny, evergreen, with very fragrant flowers, with edible but bitter fruits.The fruit - the bigarade or bitter orange - the fragrant leaves, twigs and flower have many pharmaceutical, food and perfume applications. It is originally a hybrid between grapefruit (Citrus maxima) and mandarin (Citrus reticulata). The word comes from the provencal bigarrat of the verb bigarrar: barioler




Petit grain bigarade


Bitter orange / Bigarade

Latin name: Citrus aurantium

Origin: Southern Himalayas


Order: Sapindales

Family: Rutaceae





The essential oil of petit grain bigarade is rich in linalool which gives it bactericidal and mycobactericidal properties.



Part of the plant extracted: Leaves and stems

Extraction process: Distillation with water vapor

The biochemical composition is likely to evolve according to the conditions of production:


Linalyl acetate: 50% -60%

Linalool: 20% -30%

Alpha-terpineol: 5% -10%

Geranyl Acetate: 1% -5%

Neryl Acetate: 1% -5%



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